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Mindfulness and Meditation in Yoga

Learning to Meditate with Jen

Meditation can mean sitting cross legged in silence, but it can also be walking in nature, watching the sunrise, or playing a musical instrument. Meditation is learning to be with yourself, a ‘self’ which is peace and stillness, beyond the dramas of the mind and the turbulence of the emotions. Regular practice will have a profound effect on your life – and all of it positive!

Meditation is a spiritual practice but like yoga, does not interfere with religion or beliefs. Regular meditation restore us to homeostasis, reducing stress and improving sleep patterns, it can also transform your relationship with yourself, others and life. Please get in touch if you’d like to begin meditating and don’t know where to start or if you have an established practice and would like guidance or support.

My qualifications & study are rooted in the Buddhist and Hindu traditions and I regularly attend silent meditation (Vipassana) retreats.  I’ve adapted what I’ve learnt from these ancient teachings and tailored it for living in the modern world.


of meditation
meditation reduces pain

Reduces pain and enhances the body’s immune system

meditation reduces depression

Reduces feelings of depression, anxiety, anger and confusion

meditation increases blood flow

Increases your blood flow and slows the heart rate

meditation improves balance

Provides a sense of calm, peace and balance thoughout the body

meditation reverses heart disease

Helps reverse heart disease

meditation controls thoughts

Helps control thoughts

meditation increases energy

Increases energy

meditation reduces stress

Reduces stress

“Thanks so much for your classes Jen, a lifeline in this crazy world – especially the lessons in mindfulness and relaxation”

Debbie C