Welcome to Mindful Yoga with Jen

Honouring your body, heart and mind to align you with whatever you need in this moment.

Mindful yoga will enable you to dial down the stress response and disengage from the dramas of life, classes are being offered both in person and online. 


Mindfulness has been the focal point of all my studies and is central to my approach to yoga and to this journey of life!


Yoga Class Schedule

Classes are mixed ability however those who are completely new to yoga are advised to attend a 1:1 session before joining a group class.



Meditation can mean sitting cross legged in silence, but it can also be a walk in nature, watching the sunrise, or playing a musical instrument.


Mindful and healthy

Health benefits of yoga
Regular yoga practice will lengthen and strengthen muscles, increase range of movement and improve posture, but more importantly can dampen the stress response promoting relaxation and wellbeing.


Specific practices in yoga have
been proven to provide relief
from lower back pain.


Good remedy against stress
and depression by allowing us
to let go of the mind states
which create stress and worry.


Yoga tones up abdominal muscles,
increases gastric juices, and
improves digestion.


Yoga practice and the relaxation
techniques in yoga have a positive
effect on blood pressure.


Yoga poses or postures open
the body’s energy channels and
release tension in muscles and
joints, having a positive effect
on range of motion

“Yoga is like music, the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and harmony
of the soul, create the symphony of life.”

BKS Iyengar

Yoga for all ages

Mindful, physical and spiritual benefits for adults from 18-80 years

Mindful Yoga with Jen is not about the physical. Adults of all ages are welcome from 18 to 80 years young, to reap the multitude of benefits from keeping your body toned, increasing bone density and decreasing everyday stress.

Contact Jen to learn which Yoga courses are more appropriate for you.